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With our powerful duo to more cost and time savings! 

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Our robust conveying hoses: Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance

With the right PU conveying hose to more success through less costs, more time and safety

Whether in the initial consultation, the distribution of the product or in general service: the quality of a conveying hose is crucial! Only a high-quality hose proves itself in use and thus leads to long-term customer satisfaction. But how can a hose be better than others? Through its properties! If many good features combine in a hose, it becomes a superior product. This is exactly what the Master-PUR Inline and the Master-PUR Performance with their numerous superior features and thus leave no (customer) wishes unfulfilled. The Master-PUR Inline and the Master-PUR Performance fulfill all the added values that are important for an optimal production process:  More success through lower costs, more time savings and more safety! 

Through our #SuccessBoosterCostReducer - the Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance - you finally have time again for the important things


Three features that make the Master-PUR Inline and the Master-PUR Performance optimal conveying hoses?

1. Ideal properties for demanding materials to be conveyed 

Give rubber a run for its money!

Thanks to a patented manufacturing process, both PU hoses impress with an absolutely seamless and smooth inner wall, which ensures optimum flow efficiency. In addition, they are significantly lighter than rubber hoses and more transparent so that conveyed goods are more visible.

Darstellung der Schlaucheigenschaft Innenglätte
Darstellung der Schlaucheigenschaft Abriebfestigkeit

In the hardness test: abrasive materials don't bother our strong duo! 

Thanks to a reinforced inner wall, both conveying hoses are the right solution for problematic materials!

Heavy flexible the guys! 

These two heavy PU hoses offer advantages in small spaces compared to other PU hoses or products made of other materials (e.g. rubber).

Darstellung der Schlaucheigenschaft Flexibilität

2. State-of-the-art materials for less wear on the hose

PU hoses - all-rounders in use

Compared to conventional conveyor hoses, PU hoses offer a decisive advantage in direct use thanks to their high abrasion resistance. They exhibit significantly less wear than rubber or soft PVC - which significantly increases their service life. The Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance are made from a specially developed PU material that offers even better abrasion resistance than conventional PU hoses. In combination with an absolutely smooth inner wall and high flexibility, the hoses are true all-rounders for problematic conveyed goods.

3. Flexible Application possibilities for heavy hoses

Flexibly applicable for various industries. Due to their numerous positive properties, the Master-PUR Inline and the Master-PUR Performance are versatile. Whether as transport hose for abrasive materials or as suction and transport hose in extremely demanding situations - our #SuccessBoosterCostReducer can be used flexibly. 


Plastics processing is a multi-layered process in which mostly abrasive granulates are transported and distributed over long distances. This places high demands on the hose lines. The Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance are the right solution for this case. Thanks to their high abrasion resistance and resilience, they are the ideal partner when the highest demands are placed on a hose.

Find out more about our hoses in the plastics industry

Example of the bulk materials industry in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Bulk material

When sand, gravel, stones, cement, concrete, gypsum, powder, grain or granules are transported or extracted, a robust conveying hose with absolutely smooth inner walls is welcome. Thanks to a patented manufacturing process, the Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance have absolutely smooth inner walls and due to this property, in combination with robustness and long service life, they are among the absolute customer favourites for the bulk materials industry.


Example of the area of the municipal disposal and cleaning technology in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Disposal and cleaning technology

Whether suction excavators or winter service vehicles: when it comes to the suction of gravel or snow (with e.g. road split) customers of the disposal and cleaning technology not only benefit from the high abrasion resistance of the Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance, but also from the special material the hoses are made of, as it has a particularly high cold flexibility. In addition, there is the pronounced weight saving compared to rubber hoses and also their transparency through which the conveyed material is better visible in the conveying process.


The Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance at a glance - download all important information here!


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Data sheet Master-PUR Performance 

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Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance - Characteristic Videos

Abrasion resistance

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The right hose makes all the difference

The right hose meets all the requirements of a demanding situation and solves the customer's problem as permanently as possible.

Mirko Baldus, Sales Director DACH - Industrial Solutions
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Whoever uses technical hoses has high demands. In addition to fast availability, the flexible products must meet the highest quality standards. Quality is therefore one of the decisive factors in the Masterflex philosophy - in advice, service and product alike. Which factors are important when choosing the right hose and how exactly the Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance pay off , you will learn in our expert interview.

All advantages of the Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance at a glance

Icon Masterflex Pur Inline Performance Zeit

Save time due to

  • easier cleaning due to complete internal smoothness and freedom from dead space
  • fewer and thus better plannable maintenance intervals due to low wear
  • easier installation due to high flexibility and lightness (in contrast to rubber or piping)
Icon Masterflex Pur Inline Performance Kosten

Minimize costs due to

  • higher flow efficiency due to absolute smoothness
  • longer service life due to higher abrasion resistance
  • less negative influences on the pumped media due to free edges
  • optimal connection possibility without cross-sectional narrowing and an absolutely smooth transition between hose and flange due to our unique coating system. Thus, both hoses can also be manufactured as a hose system, e.g. in combination with our Combiflex.
Icon Masterflex Pur Inline Performance Sicherheit

Gain safety through

  • less explosion hazards due to permanent antistatic
  • longer service life due to microbe resistance
  • less failure even at higher temperatures
  • higher abrasion resistance with aggressive media 
  • good transparency - so that hose stoppers can be detected faster

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The right hose makes the difference: How to increase your production with the Master PUR-Inline and the Master PUR-Performance

Highly abrasive bulk materials and other media place high demands on the load capacity of a hose. For these cases, it is all the more important to have a hose that meets these requirements and ensures optimum conveying performance.

But: not all hoses are the same! We show you in our latest whitepaper what makes the right hose and why the Master PUR-Inline and the Master PUR-Performance are exactly the right hoses when it comes to demanding situations and why you can create the best conditions for an efficient increase in production with the two.

We are pleased to present you our whitepaper from the Masterflex Group on this topic! You will receive the whitepaper here as a PDF file immediately after you have registered.

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