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Certified tubes for the semiconductor industry

Achieve greater process stability for maximum requirements with High-Purity fluoropolymer tubing solutions for semiconductor technologies!

Produce safely.


Fluoropolymer tubes improve the production efficiency of semiconductor components

The semiconductor industry is known for its stringent requirements for maximum purity and process stability, which is why high-purity PFA tubing solutions and similar products are of the utmost importance and indispensable for use in these areas. APT recognizes that the supply availability of high-purity tubing components for equipment and applications of demanding industrial processes within the semiconductor industry is critical to the success of assemblers, system providers, Tier 1 suppliers and their cooperation partners, the original equipment manufacturers (OEMS).

That's why we have invested heavily in production capacity, supply chains and strategic relationships with certified raw material manufacturers to anticipate the need for high-purity PFA tubing solutions and to manufacture and supply you with the specific semicon tubing you need, when you need it.

With our modern production facilities, our knowledgeable and well-connected Segment Market Leader Giovanni Rossi, and a strong Masterflex Group network including optimized order fulfillment processes and customized engineering services, you are never far away from the high-purity Semicon hose solutions you need.

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Portrait picture: Giovanni Rossi APT Segment Leader Semiconductor Industry

Giovanni Rossi
APT Market Segment Leader Semicon

+49 209 970 779 15

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A high-tech device with a hp-pfa  tube lasers computer chips

High-Purity tubing solutions are important for our everyday lives! What do you produce?

Talking situation at APT: Vanessa Mey, Giovanni Rossi, Eva Muraya talk about solutions for the semiconductor industry

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High-purity matters

High-purity fluoroplastic tubing is indispensable for the production of computer chips that shape our everyday lives. Without these high-quality components, modern technologies such as computers and smartphones would not be possible. Assemblers, Tier 1 suppliers, OEMs and end users know us as a reliable partner in the development of raw material-certified, high-performance tubing systems for demanding semiconductor technologies.
We act as a central network and contact partner and supplier for all players along the entire semiconductor value chain.

We also advise you Data sheet HP-PFA

Fluoropolymer tubing for the semiconductor industry

Personal photo: APT Segment Market Leader Giovanni Rossi in focus and in conversation with a customer, a system provider from the Semicon sector. Tubing solutions are discussed while holding hands.

"APT High-Purity tubing is ideal for maximum semicon requirements. High-Purity fluoropolymer tubing plays a crucial role in ensuring precision, purity and reliability in various production processes in the semiconductor industry."

Giovanni Rossi, Segment Leader Semicon, APT GmbH
Product image: Transparent high-purity PFA plastic tubing with sterile caps

High-purity PFA hoses

Product image: APT PFA high-purity spiral tubing for semiconductor production Plastic tubing shaped as a spiral

Spiralized PFA high-purity hoses

Product image: Various types of PFA high-purity tubing for the production of computer chips.

Fluoropolymer hoses with electrically conductive strips

Product image: Black high-purity PFA plastic tubing with electrically conductive strips for sensitive applications in semiconductor applications

PFA hoses with electrically conductive ESD

Highest delivery availability & Teflon™ quality seal

Teflon™ seal of quality - High-Purity tubing for semicon

We recognize that the availability of High-Purity plastic tubing is critical to your success. That's why we've invested heavily in production capacity, supply chains and relationships with our semiconductor customers to anticipate demand and deliver the components you need, when you need them. We have the people, the processes, the technology and the foundation to give you the confidence that with us as your trusted supplier and Semicon partner, you can consistently operate your equipment, assemblies or processes to deliver the quality and consistency your customers expect.

Maximum delivery availability is important to us. Our consistency starts with coordinated manufacturing processes and certified high-purity materials, including traceability. Competent employees work hand in hand at our production site in Düsseldorf to ensure that you receive reliable services through efficient coordination, individual product development, production and delivery coordination. We manufacture hoses, heat-shrink tubing and profiles from high-performance fluoropolymers on our modern production facilities.

You too can benefit from our expertise in safe plastic tubing solutions for the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries.

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Image: Teflon logo from the company Chemours. The quality seal shows the strategic partnership between Chemours and APT from Düsseldorf regarding certified raw materials
Our certified fluoropolymer hose solutions stand for the highest quality. This is also proven by the Teflon™ Diamond quality seal. Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC, used under license by APT.

Our material, technology and process expertise for the semiconductor industry

With APT as your partner, you benefit!

Our QA department regularly checks the cleanliness of the tubes produced during the manufacturing processes. Our smooth inner surfaces of the semiconductor tubes reduce the risk of particle inclusions and material contamination.
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  • Member of ProK and VDMA
  • close network and strategic cooperation with - established raw material manufacturers, e.g.Teflon™ licensees

Shaping the Future of Semiconductors - High-Purity Tubing for High-Performance Microchips

Computer chips are needed for the Internet of Things, the automotive industry, and everyday life as we know it. Yes, microchips may be small, but their impact on the world is huge. Microchips are at the heart of technological devices. The quality of the chips must be 100 percent. The many machines and systems in the manufacturing process must work as well as possible.

That is why we produce the best possible high-purity tubing solutions for our customers. Our components are already used in many machines and semiconductor technologies in chip factories, and their function ensures that the factories run smoothly. System providers and chip manufacturers rely on APT to safely and reliably produce cost-effective semiconductors. APT High-Purity PFA tubing provides purity in sensitive applications. Many chemicals and solvents are used in semiconductor manufacturing within semiconductor fabs.

Many chemicals and solvents are used in semiconductor manufacturing. Tubing components must be chemical and hydrolysis resistant, non-sticky, rugged, and able to withstand the rigors of bending cycles. Semiconductor manufacturing involves many complicated processes and diverse applications. Each hose solution is designed to meet Semicon's highest standards for purity and reliability.

High-Purity PFA Data sheet PFA High-Purity tubes

Benefit from Masterflex Group as a full-service provider for safe Semicon hose and connection solutions!

Development solutions Molded tubes Hoses Masterflex


A semiconductor factory in which many HP PFA tubes from APT are used
You can see a syringe with liquid, an adhesive agent, which is directed onto small high-purity plastic tubes and apparently connects these tube elements together to create a multiple tube for semiconductor technologies

Highly flexible multiple hose with partial axial welding

A picture of a flexible plastic hose made of PE called Master-Clip - It is a PE hose for semiconductor technology from Masterflex for applications in the semiconductor industry

Master-Clip PUR - Exhaust air ducting for semiconductor manufacturing applications

A picture of a flexible plastic hose made of PUR called Master-PUR LF Trivolution from Masterflex for applications in the semiconductor industry

Master-PUR LF Trivolution - Air supply in the factory

Masterflex Group is the universal solution finder in the development of safe hose and connection solutions made of high-performance plastics

Semiconductor industry and more - Benefit from comprehensive material, process and approval know-how - Your products & applications are safer and better with our solutions

Picture: a blonde-haired employee from APT's quality assurance department holds a semicon plastic tube in her hand and checks it

High-purity matters!

Purity starts with our commitment to high-purity materials, followed by our advanced manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. With these tools, you can trust APT to deliver the customized tubing solutions you need to produce clean products or equipment without worry.

Trust our Semicon expertise for non-alternative tubing solutions for the semiconductor industry.

More about PFA-High-Purity

A picture of a very clean cleanroom from Novoplast Schlauchtechnik in Halberstadt - the picture shows people processing high-purity hoses - cleanroom quality is important for the semiconductor and medical technology industries

Cleanroom quality

Our sister company Novoplast Schlauchtechnik is equally strong in the design and manufacture of plastic tubes for safe use in industrial and medical technology, for example. In addition to class 6 and 8 cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and IATF 16949, the company has state-of-the-art production facilities and the corresponding measuring equipment. Thanks to the company's outstanding expertise in materials and technology, product developments and downstream processes for the semiconductor industry are closely coordinated in Halberstadt.

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engineering services hoses tubes semicon

Engineering services

Masterflex Group develops customized hoses and connection systems. Our quality and versatility extend across industries, including semicon, medical, food, automotive and aerospace. A high level of consulting expertise enables us to customize products and adapt them to specific requirements. With extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, we offer solutions from a single source - from the idea to the finished product. Thanks to our high-quality laboratory equipment and diverse testing options, we also develop highly individualized, efficient and economical solutions for the semiconductor industry.

Engineering services

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Portrait picture: Giovanni Rossi APT Segment Leader Semiconductor Industry

Giovanni Rossi
APT Market Segment Leader Semicon

Phone: +49 209 970 779 15

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A picture with focus on a computer showing a presentation of high purity tubing which is important in the production of computer chips. You can see APT Segment Market Leader Giovanni Rossi as presenter in the cut

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The logo of the APT - Advanced Polymer Tubing from Neuss.

The expert for fluoropolymer tubing. On request, a variety of tubes for semiconductor technologies, Biotec compliant material with external testing are manufactured.

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The logo of Novoplast Schlauchtechnik. Your specialist for the production of plastic hoses and profiles with a diameter of 0.1 to 50 mm from Halberstadt.

Specialist for fully extruded hoses made of high-performance plastics for a wide range of applications.

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The logo of the spiral hose manufacturer Masterflex from Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Our specialist for food compliant spiral hoses and connecting elements. Masterflex offers a large portfolio of food compliant standard products. 

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