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Food hoses from the experts at the Masterflex Group

Hazards in food production are many and they can be cost-intensive. Avoid hazards around your connection systems with Masterflex Group food hoses.

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Food hoses to avoid costly hazards

At the Masterflex Group, our mission in product development of safe and compliant food hoses and connection systems is to always be able to offer you the right hoses and connectors. With our product solutions, we want to support you in enabling your customers to consume produced foods safely and without any health concerns.


Personenbild: Marc-Julian Ott Technical Sales Consultant bei Masterflex

Marc-Julian Ott
Key Account Manager Life Science


Safe food hoses from the Masterflex Group all day long

As our subsidiaries APT, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik, Masterflex and Masterduct have compliant food and pharmaceutical hoses in their product portfolios for various industries and applications, our specialist and Global Key Account Manager Food & Pharma Simon Zoppke will be happy to advise you at any time. We also have application experts in our Houston, TX manufacturing facility.

Together we are sure to find the right product or the appropriate individual development solution for your applications. We will be happy to tell you how many different everyday moments of pleasure are produced every day with the help of our food hoses.

Many delicious foods have already come into contact with our hoses. Often we just don't know it. But we definitely promote the quality of moments of enjoyment this way!

Marc-Julian Ott, Global Key Account Manager Masterflex Group

We meet the standards for food hoses

To avoid costly hazards in food production and processing, a safe working environment is essential. Each component must not only function, but also be clean and in compliance with the latest standards. Our products have common certifications for food production and conveying. Here are some examples:

  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 including amending Regulations 1282/2011, 1183/2012, 202/2014, 2015/174, 2016/1416, 2018/79 and 2018/831 and the Commodities Regulation as amended on 15.02.2016 complies
  • Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and the Food and Feed Code (LFGB)
  • FDA 21 CFR §177.2600 -FDA 21 CRF §178.2010 Urethane flexible hoses are made from FDA compliant materials

Our experts on the subject of food hoses in conversation

Masterflex Group: Expert breakfast - Topic food hoses

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Masterflex Group: Expert breakfast - Topic food hoses

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Food hoses produce breakfast happiness for sure!

Through compliant food hoses we eat breakfast safer

Do you eat breakfast? That's what people were asked in a 2019 survey. 59% of the men and 55% of the women surveyed answered yes. Breakfast can look different depending on your lifestyle. Whether your choice is traditional and includes cereal, pancakes or bacon and eggs, a drive through for coffee and a pastry or a protein bar after a run or swim it is the fuel for the rest of your day. The breakfast table is often colorful and varied, even more so at the weekend than during the week. Here, many people add abrasive media such as breakfast cereals, muesli, but also yogurt and various types of fruit. As different as the breakfast cultures are in different countries, so different are the individual food products on the tables.


Mood picture: couple together at breakfast table

Produce moments of happiness

Most foods that are encountered in everyday situations have one thing in common, they are made with a food hose as a part of the manufacturing process. You too can easily promote these breakfast happiness moments. Just imagine the delicious moment when the honey lands on the croissant or the chocolate cream slowly runs out of the pastry.

Your products create these moments, and before that our hose specialists provide the right food hose and supply your plants and machines. 

Food tubes sweeten your meeting time too!

When the shift change happens or the third meeting is already on the daily agenda, pastries, small snacks and also the required coffee specialties must not be missing. When you activate the office coffeemaker, many sweeten the cappuccino with caramel or vanilla syrup.

Our hoses, such as the Master-PUR Foil or FEP hoses, are also used in the production of these delicious ingredients. This is because strict food regulations must be followed in the drop conveying of syrup or highly viscous foods. Our products are made of materials deemed safe by the FDA to assure top quality. If you also want the hearts of your employees and customers to beat faster, contact our Key Account Manager Simon Zoppke. Together we will find the right hose and connection solution.



Personenbild: Marc-Julian Ott Technical Sales Consultant bei Masterflex

You have the application and we have the hose and connection solution. So you are sure to produce great moments!

Marc-Julian Ott, Global Key Account Manager Food & Pharma Masterflex Group

Break time becomes joy time with the right food hose

Mood picture: two women at the plant during a breakfast break

Break at last!

The juicy sandwich you made for yourself in the morning or even the satisfying yogurt wants to be eaten during your break. Whether outside the gates of the manufacturing facility, in the modern break room or in the company's own cafeteria; these breaks serve to relax, recharge your batteries and increase your ability to concentrate and be more productive. What most people can't do without during a little downtime is the mug of coffee.

The popular hot drink is the second most consumed beverage after water, with 2.6 billion cups worldwide consumed each day.

Is the aroma of freshly prepared coffee specialties in the air? These coffee enjoyment moments happen because of food hoses from APT.

Food hoses made from fluoropolymers

Often, we rely on particularly high-quality food hoses made of fluoropolymers for our product solutions for the fully automatic machine segment. Due to their material properties, these food hoses function excellently when passing through hot water and substances. Food hoses made of fluoropolymers are always used when a particularly high-quality material is required. They belong to the high-performance polymers. 

As an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM for short, you certainly want to ensure productivity gains, don't you? By using compliant and plasticizer-free food hoses for fully automatic coffee machines, you ensure that these hot beverages accompany your own and also your customers' working day in a safe and tasteful way. 

Mood picture: a woman operates a fully automatic coffee machine
Mood picture: people celebrating at a folk festival

Promote festive moments together with the right food hoses

As a production person involved in the food and pharmaceutical industries, you now know about the restorative power that comes from eating food. In your day-to-day work, you as an OEM or manufacturing company promote moments of enjoyment, whether it's taking a bite out of a homemade sandwich, consuming fresh hot coffee and the right pastries, or once again making the entire break room smell like the pizza, tacos or cheeseburgers that were delivered. Once the work day is finished, then you, your customers and us have a lot in common besides common values.  

After work, at any rate, we all look forward to relaxation, leisure and quality time with our loved ones. We often want to go out and experience something. Festive twinkling lights, music, great smells on every corner. Carnivals, fairs, sporting events or festivals - all these are occasions offer fun and excitement for everyone. All of the memories and enjoyment of these times are “sponsored” by Masterflex Group Food Hoses and Connecting Systems

A variety of delicious snacks and refreshments are part of the carnival or tailgate experience. Colorful cotton candy for the sweet tooth among us, the frosty mug of beer and the toast with friends on sunny days or the fresh smoked salmon. All the food there gives us energy, gives pleasure or simply promotes conviviality. No matter what time of year, the food products found at festivals, made from abrasive, liquid or solid media, are part of a production process chain.

All these foodstuffs or food components are in direct and sometimes indirect contact with our Masterflex Group hose and connection systems. Contact us and you too can produce festive moments for your customers. 

Easily arrange an initial meeting with our Key-Account Manager Food & Pharma Simon Zoppke.

Personenbild: Marc-Julian Ott Technical Sales Consultant bei Masterflex

I'll help you provide worry-free food consumption for your customers

Marc-Julian Ott, Global Key Account Manager Food & Pharma Masterflex Group

Food hoses at a glance

Product Image: Food Hose from Masterduct Master-PUR L-X

Master-PUR L-X

Product Image: Master-PUR H-F-SS Hose of Masterduct

Master-PUR H-F-SS

Product image: Food hose from Masterduct Master-Clip PTFE S

Masrer-Clip PTFE S

Product image: Food hose of Novoplast Schlauchtechnik Master-Tube PUR 98A Food

Master-Tube PUR 98A Food 

Product image: a variation of FEP hoses from the company APT

FEP hoses

Avoid costly hazards - always the right food hose

No matter where or on what occasion food products are ingested, safety in the upstream production process is paramount.

Risk-free food production is guaranteed not to be a matter of luck, but it will become a pure matter of luck for you and your customers if you rely on the food-compliant high-tech hoses of the Masterflex Group right from the start.  

With the right hoses from the world market leader and industry expert, you can reduce the risk of contamination in the production process through, for example, abrasion of the hoses or bacteria and salmonella formation at connections.

To help you produce more safely, we've prepared a checklist for you to consider when using food-grade tubing.

If you have any questions about our hose products, please feel free to contact us. 

More product details by clicking on the product image in the slider.

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Compliant food hoses are relevant for you?

We are pleased to present you our mini whitepaper from the Masterflex Group on this topic! You will receive the whitepaper as a PDF file here, immediately after you have registered.

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Master-PUR H FishTec passes certification

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Our experts for food hoses

Logo of the spiral hose manufacturer Masterduct from Housten Texas.

Our specialist for food compliant spiral hoses and connecting elements. Masterduct offers a large portfolio of food compliant standard products. 

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Specialist for fully extruded hoses made of PU. The food compliant Master-Tube PUR 98A Food is the special hose for their production of Novoplast Schlauchtechnik.

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The expert in fluoropolymer hoses. A variety of hoses are manufactured from food grade material with external testing upon request.

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Personenbild: Marc-Julian Ott Technical Sales Consultant bei Masterflex

Marc-Julian Ott
Key Account Manager Life Science

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